Welcome to Calm after the Storm, this is your host Amy Syed. I am Founder and CEO of FindyourHCP, 15minuteaday.ca and an activist. I am a survivor of domestic violence, terminal cancer and Grief. Thanks for joining us on this journey through other’s declarations. In this episode of Calm After The Storm: Survivorship and Other Stories with Amy Syed, we speak with Allison Venditti, a return to work expert, about her experience going through numerous head injuries, concussions, seizures and navigating a changing healthcare system. Tune in as we discuss topics such as navigating the healthcare system, transitioning to self-employment and finding new meaning to life.

Allison Venditti has spent over a decade in Human Resources, coaching and consulting and in a super niche specialty as a return to work expert. She has interviewed over 2000 applicants for jobs, helped over 800 people return to work after maternity leave, injury and illness and coached individuals into more senior roles, new careers and new businesses. She has worked with companies ranging from 5 – 10,000 employees in industries ranging from consumer packaged goods, marketing, banking, tech, startups, engineering, non-profit, health care and government.

  • 1:30- A little about Allison
  • 4:32- “Just take Tylenol”
  • 9:32- Confronting the hard truth
  • 15:02- Navigating through short and long-term disability
  • 16:46- Joining a Brain Injury Program
  • 23:49- How Allison felt through behavioural therapy
  • 27:36- Hiring and becoming an advocate for yourself
  • 32:13- Allison’s dedication

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