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Amy Syed identifies as she/her and a South Asian Canadian. Born to immigrant parents, she was brought up immersed in Canadian culture with exposure to the Pakistani culture, language and influence.

Born and raised in Toronto, she has spent most of her professional life in the field of healthcare with a background in kinesiology, health sciences and rehabilitation, she recently joined the technology space as Founder of FindYourHCP and Amy Syed Enterprises Inc. Amy is currently also an investor, cyber security consultant (CTO) and board member on the publicly appointed board of the Ontario Clean Water Agency.


Amy speaks to audiences about her experience as a tech founder in a space where early adopters are your main clients, ambassadors and eventually the fan base for all that you do. She recognized gaps in the technology world and decided to gain insight via experience and education in cyber security, IT Governance risk and compliance and privacy.

She speaks eloquently about what this means in the world that is ever changing, cyber risks that pop up everyday and how we can progress to close the gap on risks to protect our families.

Mental Health and Coaching

Amy is a certified rehabilitation professional with training in vocational rehabilitation at the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health. She can speak to the impacts that resilience practices like mindfulness, meditation and physical activity have to get people through just about anything.

She leverages her experience working with adults in the field to inform audiences on ways they can stay engaged and help themselves through adversity. Being a mom of 5, she also speaks about positive parenting and the outcomes of parenting styles to help inform parents how to choose resilient practices in their homes to provide love and care with authority.

“After working with Amy, I awakened memories of my past experiences and understood what I was capable of. I got rid of everything unnecessary and achieved deep focus in my career.”


Quantum Genius

It takes a lot to look in the mirror and celebrate your experiences good and bad. Amy will take you there. Her groundbreaking program is available for sale to groups in corporate or any organization. Amy can help you see how your teams’ experience, talents and skills can be leveraged to create sustainable learning outcomes no matter what economy we’re in.

Becoming a quantum genius can take time, listening to Amy and her passionate journey through careers and entrepreneurship provides easy, executable steps that allow for amazing results that just keep coming. This is a presentation or short workshop series.

Diversity and Inclusion

In 2020, we felt a shift that was required to address anti racist thought, practice and a new start to understanding like we have never seen before. This very necessary change has been required to shift the narrative to allow for everyone to get a deeper understanding on what is not working for the BIPOC community.

Amy leads talks about the appropriateness of conversation, change that allows for compassion and understanding. Simple outcomes like how to interact and interview new candidates to fit your corporate culture to seeing all through the lens of respect and individuality. Amy does the work, every single day and speaks about her experience as a South Asian Canadian and woman.

Hiring Amy




Hiring Amy to speak allows for an all inclusive environment. She does bring a sign language interpreter with her and can adjust her presentations to be inclusive of those with a variety of abilities. Please advise while booking her for speaking engagements and workshops.