Welcome to Calm After The Storm, this is your host Amy Syed. I am Founder and CEO of FindyourHCP, 15minuteaday.ca and an activist. I am a survivor of domestic violence, terminal cancer and Grief. Thanks for joining us on this journey through other’s declarations. In this episode of Calm After The Storm: Survivorship and Other Stories with Amy Syed, we speak with Danielle Lewis, owner and lead designer behind Danielle Lewis Designs.

Tune in as we tackle topics like:

1:35 – What Danielle is up to today

2:34 – Growing up as an old soul

8:12 – Finding her husband

11:14 – Navigating infertility at a younger age

15:00 – Experiencing her miscarriage

18:26 – Using her intuition and finding a different outlook

20:55 – Advocating her fertility plan

23:32 – A growing family

25:31 – Reflecting on her journey

28:36 – Discussing infertility misconceptions 

31:32 – Danielle’s dedication

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