Farah Nasser is an award winning journalist who has dedicated her voice to elevating people of colour. Recently, Farah opened up about her personal experience with the stillbirth of her son Hussain, live on Global News. Throughout this episode, Amy and Farah trade stories about what it was like growing up as children of immigrant parents, and their pregnancies with their twins.

Farah talks about the moment she found out that one of her twins had passed away in her womb, and the psychological effects it had on her as she continued to carry both twins. Today, Farah discusses her stillbirth openly to raise awareness on the subject and remembers Hussain fondly with her husband and two children.

1.32 – Farah’s childhood

2.51 – How Farah felt growing up as a child of immigrant parents

6.05 – The first time Farah was called a “paki”

8.21 – When Farah got married and decided to have kids

9.46 – Farah finds out she was having twins

10.32 – How Farah’s pregnancy went

11.12 – Farah lost one of her twins

13.26 – Amy’s reflection 

14.43 – The pregnancy build up, Farah gave birth and found out how her twin passed away

16.33 – Farah’s labour

18.02 – The importance of talking about stillbirths

19.22 – Group therapy

21.17 – Why Farah and her husband decided to tell her son about his brother

22.54 – What life looks like now for Farah

24.38 – Amy’s reflection on loss

25.31 – What Farah is seeing in working moms today

28.03 – The need for protectionism

29.35 – Farah’s episode dedication

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