The world needs your genius

You can have it all. You deserve it all. You are here for a purpose, with a journey that is uniquely yours.

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Gain the mindset and skills to be a fearless leader in your business and career. The Master your Genius program will be your guide to reaching your potential and bringing out the best in you.

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Ask yourself, "Am I doing everything I can to reach my potential?"

The subconscious mind is a combination of the beliefs and ideas that one has about themselves and the world, stemming from childhood and continues on as one matures. This conditioning directly influences everything in life including opinions and decisions that form the core of our identity.

So what do you think about yourself and your capacity for greatness? Is it possible to train the mind to push past what we think is possible?

The Quantum Genius program is a highly integrative program designed to help you rewire your mindset and establish positive habits and routines to put you on the path towards success.

You don’t have to have it all figured out.  Taking the first step means learning how to harness the power of your experiences to inspire change through restorative exercise, meditation, mindfulness practice and breath-work. Together we can make changes happen for good.

Empower yourself in all aspects of your life

Whether you are a startup, an established business, or are looking to climb the ranks in your career, the Quantum Genius program is the perfect way to reach new levels of success.

Learn how to operate at peak performance consistently and efficiently, opening up possibilities and creating opportunities with ease so you can live your optimal life.

What makes this program unique?

Quantum Genius is a highly effective program that uses a combination of physical movement, meditation, mindfulness, and thought exercises to shift your mindset.  Each lesson learned can be applied with focus and clarity to live with intention and purposeful action and promote expedited growth in your business or career.


What you will get when you join

Quantum Genius is an 8-week coaching program where you receive 1-on-1 guidance and support to ensure that you have clear, executable goals to put you on the path towards your success.

When you sign up, you will immediately receive a workbook, exercise gear, and a productivity planner. With these tools in hand and Amy as your guide, you will begin your journey of growth, self-discovery, and transformation that will be a a catalyst to life-long positive change.

Week 1: Discovery

We work to understand Master your Genius concepts that we will be using and start the process of building a solid foundation. This week is jam-packed and will embed the structures you need to get the most out of the program.

Week 2: Ideation

We focus on introspection and understanding your goals and outcomes. At the end of this week, you gain better awareness of your mind’s inner workings, start to understand block origins and start to feel a physical change. 

Week 3: Body

We focus on the body as a conduit to the outer world and by the end of this week, you should feel a physical release from some of the ideas you have had about yourself.  You will also understand the power of the placebo effect and other concepts so that you can put into practice powerful change and results.

Week 4: Abundance

We focus on abundance and how you can shift your perspective on money, time and physical energy. By the end of the week, you gain a better understanding of where you fit into these different structures and how you can use these concepts to serve your outcomes.

Week 5: Mind

We approach the mind from many different perspectives derived from thought leaders in Psychology and Philosophy. We will distill some of their core concepts to help you develop a better understanding of where your thoughts, fears and pain come from.  By the end of the week, you will understand the nature of your mind and become more intentional about your daily activities.

Week 6: Transcendence

This is a big week where you will learn how to transcend the person you were and achieve deeper milestones within yourself. Through transcendental meditation, you will start to bring together concepts from the previous weeks into a cohesive whole. By the end of the week you will have the ability to influence your mind’s inhibitions to really experience life with a new purpose and flair.

Week 7: Soul

During this module, we review concepts of the ego, self-efficiency and self-efficacy. By the end of this week, the concept of mind, body and soul and their interconnectedness will be set in a clarity roadmap that will give you the ability to deal with challenges with a plan.

Week 8: The Brink

This week, you will work in groups with my support to ensure you are putting into practice everything you have attained in your journey to mastery.  Your workbook will be an ally in establishing what you have learned and the different techniques available to you so you can repeat it anytime.

Still on the fence? This program is for you if you…

Are highly motivated to make impact in your life today and release the blocks and fears that are holding you back

Know you are part of something larger and want to learn more about how you can holistically achieve balance and success (yes you can have both!)

Want to investigate how you can collapse time to get to your ultimate goals faster

Feel overwhelmed professionally or personally, leaving you feeling burnt out

Are ready to invest in your future success

Want to learn how to build your resilience after setbacks

Are on the verge of something big, but need remove the negative thoughts and patterns that are keeping you from moving forward

After just a few short weeks Quantum Genius has already helped me relax and see my challenges and strengths in a more positive and inspired way.


Ready to start your journey?

Join the Quantum Genius program and let Amy be your guide towards success.

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Q: What is the difference between the Master Your Genius and Customized 1:1 Coaching Program?

A: The Customized 1:1 coaching program is for anyone looking for customized coaching support with respect to their life, business or career. This program offers a 3-6 month intensive 1:1 coaching program customized for success-driven individuals who want to grow and expand exponentially.

The Master Your Genius group program is an intensive 8 week group program. Included in the program are all the facets required for long-term success: group support and accountability, physical exercise, mindfulness and meditation, and introspection and reflection.

Q: Will I also get access to mindset training and exercise routines in the 1:1 program?

A: It Depends. Inside the 1:1 program you will work with Amy to customize a plan based on your specific needs.

So, if you are open to receiving a fitness plan as part of your plan, together you and Amy will discuss the best plan of action for you.

Q: Do I have to pay in full?

A: There are monhtly and flexible options available to you depending on your situation.

Q: Is there a refund policy?

A: No, all sales are final. Outcomes are based on your experience and your ability to use the knowledge you are being taught to apply it in your own life, business or career.

Q: Do I have to be an existing business owner to participate in the Master Your Genius group program?

A: The program is designed for business and/or career professionals. However, please book an epiphany call to discuss the best option for you and your future goals.

Q: Do I have to commit to the 3-6 month timeframe for 1:1 Coaching?

A: There are three flexible Coaching Packages to choose from for the 1:1

Customized Coaching Program Per Session – This convenient option allows you to schedule your coaching as required.

Three Month Package – This option is perfect for those looking to upgrade and enhance their mindset and enhance natural capabilities.

Six Month Package – This option is for those looking to dive deep and release subconscious restrictions.

For more information, please book an epiphany call to get started!