Welcome to Calm after the Storm, this is your host Amy Syed. I am Founder and CEO of FindyourHCP, 15minuteaday.ca and an activist. I am a survivor of domestic violence, terminal cancer and Grief. Thanks for joining us on this journey through other’s declarations. In this episode of Calm after the Storm: Survivorship and Other Stories with Amy Syed, we speak with Leanne Monaghan, owner and executive director of Staying Alive Fitness. She is a Registered Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, Pilates, kickboxing, fitness, Yoga Instructor and Lifestyle Coach.

Tune in as we discuss topics such as:

1:50 – What Leanne is up to today

7:36 – A challenging childhood with an alcoholic father

13:02 – A trip to Mexico

18:50 – Telling her family about being raped

22:18 – Getting diagnosed with cervical cancer

31:14 – Recovering and gaining inspiration for the gym

33:26 – A crucial shift in her mindset

35:35 – The start of Staying Alive Fitness

39:28 – Leanne’s dedication

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