It’s a hard time for everyone; bad news is everywhere. The pandemic has shaken us all to our core and it’s scary. Covid-19 has fractured lives, families, and careers even without individuals catching the virus. We are all experiencing huge shifts on an unprecedented level for modern times. It’s rough. When we push away our problems, they only come back. I know I am not alone in saying this, but I have to ask.

How do we find success in struggle?

When we have consistent bad days achievement can seem like miles away. It’s unachievable. When we have consistent bad days even the smallest tasks can become unmanageable. That task could be anything, even something as simple as making a meal for yourself or having a shower.

Everyone struggles, it is a fact of life. The important thing to remember is that struggle does not define us. Certainly our experiences create lasting effects, but at the same time we do not walk into every room with our experiences labeled directly on our chest as a marker to others.

We are not our trauma, yet our life experiences shape who we are and how we interact with the world. So how do we become mindful of that journey?

Let me be clear, everyone can achieve prosperity regardless of where they came from. The challenge is finding the right rhythms and routines in order to achieve that victory.

1. Working through the Trauma
Trauma comes in many forms. It is unique to every individual. The important thing to remember with suffering is the fact that it needs to be addressed and dealt with. While I know it may be difficult to even comprehend working through that shock I want you to know that it is possible. When we avoid the problem and feelings associated with the wound, we can worsen our original hurt. Focusing on distractions moves us away from progress, it clouds our judgement and moves us away from growth.

2. Find Something to Live For
I know that sounds cheesy, but I mean it wholeheartedly. When we move through life without a purpose or a passion we can feel directionless. Finding something to live for, whether its family or something else, makes an incredible impact on our daily lives. Finding purpose gives you a reason to get out of bed even when it seems almost impossible. I have found immense joy and purpose in my role as a mother and entrepreneur. Leaning into the things that truly make me happy like walks in my snow-filled neighbourhood and long spontaneous drives to new places are just some of the many things that have grounded me. Surrendering myself to those experiences has allowed me to greet the morning with that sense of inner peace and purpose.

3. Build a Strong Network of Support
Your network can include anyone or everyone. Support can come in many different forms, such as medical support, psychological support, or personal support from family. The key to success in having a strong network of support is making sure that the people you keep around you are invested in your growth as much as you are. There is no point in keeping people around in your life that only bring you down. Whether that person is a close friend or medical advisor, you deserve to have people around who want to support you. Having a strong team makes all the little unexpected surprises in life a lot easier to manage and help you move closer to that win you deserve.

4. Look Inwards
Focus on growing as a person. Growth changes for everyone depending on what you need, the important thing is that you do it. Looking inwards allows for reflection and helps you grow your self awareness muscle. Assess your strengths and your weaknesses. What are they? Recognize them and use that knowledge to improve in the areas you want to, and accept the parts you can’t change. Looking inwards is not about becoming a different person, it’s about growing the person who has been inside of you the whole time. Accepting that person and focusing on how to improve that person will only bring you closer to your goals.

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