When Blair was a child, her parents divorced. Her dad was struggling with addiction, and to Blair, when her father left, she felt like he stopped loving her. Fast forward to her adult life, Blair fell into abusive relationships, where she gave in to the wrong people, seeking the love she felt she lost.

When she left her relationship, Blair found herself at rock bottom. She was effectively homeless, and called everyone that had expressed interest in working with her business to make enough money to put down a rent deposit. From the day she moved in, things started looking up. Blair worked her way up and eventually made a trip to Vancouver, where she gathered the strength to call her father and begin putting their relationship back together.

1.15 – Blair’s childhood

6.20 – How Blair left her abusive relationship

8.40 – Blair’s rock bottom moment

8.50 – Blair’s dad came back into her life

10.14 – Amy’s reflection on Blair’s story

11.43 – How Blair and her dad rebuilt their relationship

16.19 – How Blair’s trauma affected her view of alcohol and drugs

17.54 – Blair’s father is diagnosed with terminal illness

18.59 – Blair’s father’s apology letter

22.27- Amy’s second reflection on Blair’s story

24.12 – What happened next

28.50 – How to unleash love in moments of pain

33.26 – Amy’s conclusion

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